Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Favorite Things Birthday Party

Rainbow Cake 1
Every time I asked my 3 year old what kind of birthday party he would mention a different favorite thing. We talked about monkeys, balloons, bouncing, games, bubbles, pizza, Angry Birds, Mario (last years party), Plants vs Zombies and Rainbows. One of my favorites was Rainbows because for about 6 months "rainbow" was his favorite color any time you asked him :)

One day while complaining about having a hard time choosing a theme a friend said "Why don't you do all of them?". Genius....but a challenge. So the "My Favorite Things Party" was born and I have to say, it was FUN! My little guy was on cloud nine all day long.

A lot of the inspiration came from all the amazing party boards out there and it took some time to pull it all together to try and figure out a way to create a cohesive look. The main things I focused on was the rainbow as the color theme, sprinkles, bouncing (a bounce house), all his favorite games (Sonic, Mario, Plants vs Zombies), pinwheels, balloons, pizza and his other favorite foods like strawberries, popcorn, goldfish crackers and Nutella "circle" sandwiches.

My other personal favorite out of the whole things was the fun I had with washi tape. I put it on everything I could :)  Send me a message if you want the vendor on Etsy, it took me a long time to find the perfect tape.

Some of the other fun things were a piƱata, tetherball and a make your own noodle necklace station.

Rykers 4th Birthday Invitation 1pm v2
Rainbow Sprinkles Cake 2

Favorite Things Birthday Party Table 2 popcornSprinkles Rice Krispie Treats strawberries 2 popcorn 2
I fell in love with these ribbon flags for straws when I saw them!  I just had to do them.
bottles and ribbon
Dipped Strawberries with Sprinkles  Favorite Things Birthday Party Table 3

The backdrop was plastic table clothes from the .99 cent store on a pole and hemmed with a low temp glue gun.  I hung the whole thing from the ceiling with 3M hooks.  Below I had these cute frames from IKEA throughout the party rooms listing all of his favorite things.  

 Favorite Things Birthday Party

Ask this kid what he wants to eat and it’s either a circle sandwich or pizza almost every time :)  I made little flags from washi tape and toothpicks.

Nutella sandwiches

At first I thought the weather was going to be 54 but we lucked out in between rainstorms and got a beautiful 64 degree weather day, just in case I had prepared this Hot Chocolate Bar with our Keurig.

Hot Chocolate Bar k-cups Party Nuts

One of my favorite parts was the Pizza Bar! I put all the different toppings in mason jars with some cute tags out by the grill along with Trader Joe's Naan (in the freezer section). Everyone put their own pizza together and threw it on the grill until toasty and melted. It was a big hit and the naan totally made it, I'm so happy we have a Trader Joe's in Utah now! PS...the mason jars also kept all the bugs out, it was great!

Pizza Bar Toppings 2 Pizza Bar Toppings

A yummy harvest chopped salad with some plastic forks covered in washi tape.  The salad can be found here.

salad cups with washi

There was a candy bar for all the big kids at heart and some cute little fry boxes with some fun kids favors.

Favortie Birthday party favors
Birthday Party Favors Rainbow 2

Rainbow Birthday DecorRainbow Birthday Decor 2

I’ve been working on the decor for a month.  That circle garland in the back came together with a 2” circle punch, kite string and a glue gun.  The balloon garland was also a cheap punch of color in the room.  Next time I’m just not going to buy balloons from Walmart, half of them had holes or would pop easily.  I was going to make my own tissue balls but came across these at a party store and loved them.

Rainbow Birthday Decor 3 - Balloon Garland   
Blowing out the candles 1

The birthday boy!  Gaaah!…  I’ve been in LOVE with these rainbow suspenders ever since I found them on etsy!  They make for some great pictures :)

Blowing out the candles 2

Here was one of the WOW factors when the cake was cut!  It was beautiful and delicious.  It was made by the talented Kelcee Wright, you can email her here if you live in the Salt Lake Valley.  She did an amazing job listening to what I was looking for, it was 100% perfect.  The banner lettering was thanks to my mini cricut, bakers twine and two skewers.  I really have LOVED this cake trend and have been excited about being able to do it.

Rainbow Sprinkles Cake 3

Rainbow Sprinkles Cake 4     

A picture of the birthday boy doing what he loves, he was in there for almost 6 hours straight!

             Bounce House Fun 2 IMG_0469

Over to the side of the bounce house there was a noodle necklace making table.  It cost all of 4 dollars. Some boondoggle from the party store, cheap noodles and a diy online on how to color them (1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol and drops of food coloring shaken in a bag and left to dry overnight)

And last but not least, a popcorn bar.  This is one of my party staples.

Birthday Party Popcorn Bar 

And to end with this handsome little guy that I get to call my own.

Rykers Turning 4


  1. That is amazing! You are a far, far better woman than me. LOL!

    1. Don't say that! I'm just a crazy mom that loves parties. It's just not the same when you throw one for yourself :) and thanks! your blog!

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